Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Robert's BEST game EVER!!!

So, the ONE and ONLY game I don't have my camera at (the picture is from a different game) Robert has the game of his life! Last night we played Dobson in the first region game. Dobson is ranked #2 and we are #15. (the reason no camera) Anyway, at the end of the game the score was 1 to 1. So overtime. With about 3 minutes left in the final overtime the score was Dobson 2 Mountain View 1. We needed to score again to force penalty kicks. Robert at the time was playing forward and scored the goal to force penalty kicks!!!! OK if your confused why Robert the goalie was playing forward here is the story. The night before the game Robert had soccer practice. He also had his day activity for winter formal and he chose the date so he wasn't supossed to play at all. But when it looked like there might be a shoot out the coach put him in because he is the best goalie for penalty kicks. So he got put in right before the end because in order to be a part of the shoot out you have to be on the field at the end of the game. Anyway he was awesome!!! So shoot out. 1 on 1 with the goalie. Each team gets five shots. We go first and MISS. The goalie didn't block it our shot was wide. Then they shoot and make it. They are up 1. We shoot and make it 1 to 1. They take their second shot and Robert blocks it!!!! Yeah Robert. Still 1 to 1. We shoot again and make it 2 to 1. They shoot again and make it, 2 to 2. We shoot again and make it 3 to 2. They go and YES Robert blocks it again!! Still 3 to 2. We go again and make it!! Now it is 4 to 2 and they only have two shots left they have to make both to tie. And the crowd goes wild!!!! Robert blocks a third time!!!!!!! Mountain View upsets Dobson and WINS!!!!!! It was so fun! Robert says it felt like a dream. He was so happy. I'm glad he had so much fun because we all did too!!!