Monday, May 12, 2008

Robert Lake

 Here is some of Roberts tricks!!  Have fun.  I know he is!!!

Alli 9.4 beam routine!!

This is Alli's beam routine form the Diamond Backs Meet.  She did her best beam routine ever so I thought I would share it.  I hope you like it

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Alli!!!

My little angel was born May 1, 2000. What a blessing to have Allison Joy in our family. We were so excited to have a new baby! I'm pretty sure that she was in someones loving arms her entire first year of life
As we look back on Alli's life so far we can't leave out the comfort belly button.  From the time she was tiny she would grab onto the "button" for comfort. It was a lot better than a binky cause it NEVER got lost in the car seat or under the crib!  We also have to include that ever since she was little she has LOVED her shoes!  
We thought we were DONE with T-Ball!!!  
She is all grown up and still such a JOY!  
She loves her friends, gymnastics, diving and making up fun cheers and dances.  She loves to outback to dinner with Richie.  Shannen is and always has been her 2nd mom.  Robert is a great brother and super fun at birthday parties!  Haley and Alli like to get dressed up and take really  fun pictures.  Dad loves to coach Alli in anything and everything.  I'm just thrilled that Alli still loves to cuddle cause that is my favorite thing!!!