Monday, April 28, 2008

Olympic Gymnastics Ad

A couple of weeks ago a lady came to Alli's gym to take pictures of all the girls.  We thought it was for the web site.  On Saturday I get a call saying "I saw Alli's picture in the Groves Report." I had no idea so we went to the mailbox and this is what we found!!  It's pretty fun to be in the add and even more fun to be surprised about it.  The picture turned out cute but I think Alli will keep her "day job"


Senior Prom 2008

Robert concussion #2!

Well the lake on Saturday was fun but Robert decided to do some fun tricks and didn't quite land this one.   We got a great picture though.  Anyway he got to spend the day and most of the night (prom) with a pretty bad headache. Ouch!

Shannen SO close!!

So Shannen IS going to land her roll this summer.  I have 100% confidence she can do it.         

Friday, April 18, 2008

Robert Volleyball

Robert still has two more weeks of volleyball. The team is started a little slow but they are getting better. They have a tournament this weekend at McClintock. Go Toros!!

Haley Softball

So Mountain View softball is over for This season.  The Lady Toros went 17 and 1!  Pretty good season.  It was fun watching Haley pitch and play shortstop.  The highlight of the season though, I would have to say , is the final game of the season where Haley hit two over the fence!!  She had five on the year but two in one game is super fun!!!  Good job Hay Hay!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Break

So Alli, Adryen and I went to the cabin for spring break.  It was really relaxing.  We thought we might get to go sledding but no snow left!  So  we rode bikes and watched movies and built a really cool fort.  It was a great break.