Monday, April 28, 2008

Olympic Gymnastics Ad

A couple of weeks ago a lady came to Alli's gym to take pictures of all the girls.  We thought it was for the web site.  On Saturday I get a call saying "I saw Alli's picture in the Groves Report." I had no idea so we went to the mailbox and this is what we found!!  It's pretty fun to be in the add and even more fun to be surprised about it.  The picture turned out cute but I think Alli will keep her "day job"


Spuhlers said...

Nice one Ali!!!!!!!!! It's cuz she has such an awesome primary teacher!!! Hee Hee. Dave

Spuhlers said...

Or maybe cause she has such an awesome aunt!!! hee hee.

Courtney said...

We saw this too...way to be 'famous' Allie!